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English language.svg Inglexe[canbia]

Open book 01.svgAgetivo[canbia]

these (pl: these)

  1. (plurale de this) sti
  2. (plurale de this) ste

Open book 01.svgPronòme[canbia]

these (pl: these)

  1. (plurale de this) sti cuà
  2. (plurale de this) ste cuà

Hyph.png Siƚabasion[canbia]


Nuvola apps edu languages.png Pronuncia[canbia]

IPA: /ˈðiːz/

Nuvola kdict glass.pngEtimoƚoxìa / Derivasion[canbia]

manca l'etimoƚoxìa; se te vùi, xóntaƚa ti

Nuvola apps bookcase.png Nòde / Riferimènti[canbia]