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contributi). Contributi globaƚi

Discusion: Maybe it is good to tell that CarsracBot has a global bot flag, but I like to have a bot flag a quick as possible. And sometimes activate the global bot policy on meta take several weeks. Carsrac (msj) 07:53, 20 maj 2013 (CEST)[]

  1. +1--GatoSelvadego (msj) 12:56, 19 maj 2013 (CEST)[]
  2. +1 Looks perfect to me Candalua (msj) 11:18, 22 maj 2013 (CEST)[]
Elesion sarà, fato dimanda so meta.--GatoSelvadego (msj) 12:42, 27 maj 2013 (CEST)[]
Done. --MF-W 14:58, 28 maj 2013 (CEST)[]
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